Thirteen Reasons Why

I read this book a long time ago. I don’t even remember when it was, I think freshman year of high school maybe. While this book came out a while ago, the Netflix TV series inspired by this story just came out. I remember the book as heart breaking, eerie, depressing, but so intriguing. I was skeptical for the TV series at first, because I have a past of “loving the book & hating the movie”; however, this series was a pleasant surprise. It was just as captivating as the book and I found myself up until 4 am last night watching. The series has 13 episodes, an episode per-tape side. The basic story is that a high school girl, Hannah Baker, commits suicide. She leaves a box of tapes behind that explain who is responsible for her suicide and why. The tapes are supposed to make their way to each person featured in the tapes. The story is capturing and interesting and mysterious. One minute it seems like you have it all figured out and the next you feel like you’re starting over. This series is not only a good watch, it’s a very important and very needed PSA. Bullying in high school is no joke. Bullying in general is no joke. But, Thirteen Reasons Why just shows how far it can be taken. I think it was very important for Netflix to release this series. The book got the attention of many, but that was back in 2007. Many things change in a decade, including all of our new technology, social media, etc. Themes found in show were not all originally found in the book; including social media, homosexuality, interracial relationships, and other things. With an even easier outlet for bullying thanks to social technology and constant rape occurrences, this series portrays all the downs our society entails–and how devastating the consequences can be. Everyone deserves to feel worthy, and important, and loved, and cared for. This book and series reminds us of that.


2 thoughts on “Thirteen Reasons Why

  1. I don’t think that I ever read this book so everything that happened in the show was definitely a surprise to me. I also watched this show in two days, it was hard to look away and at times I wanted to punch a wall. The way that they were able to incorporate a message about getting help if you are ever bullied or need any sort of mental or emotional help is really needed for people in school. So much of that happens and most people turn a blind eye, this show tells the worst thing that can happen. More people need to watch this and get the message that we need to help each other more than ever.


  2. I absolutely loved this show! What I think I liked most was how graphic and REAL the rape scenes were. I think this needed to be done. Often times, people overlook the reality of how serious an attack like that can be. Some people were disturbed by how graphic it was but I think that it was important to show just how disgusting and sickening it can be. I finished the entire season in two days and I have no regrets. On the last couple episodes, I watched in my office job and had multiple coworkers ask what the waterworks were all about LOL


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