This past week at UNCW was Greek Week. For those of you who are not familiar with this, it is a week of different friendly competitions between paired up sororities and fraternities. This year the theme was 90’s TV shows. Seeing all of the teams dressed in their 90’s wear got me thinking about old trends becoming new again. One of these that I have noticed very clearly is the brand Adidas. I remember when I was growing up I didn’t want adidas anything because “that was only for the people who play soccer”. I preferred Nike or Under Armour apparel because it was more widespread amongst many different sports. However, now Adidas appeal can be found on just about any type of person you can imagine. Adidas shoes, hats, shirts, etc. can be found in closets of all kinds of people– athletic or not. My favorite adidas attire, and the obvious most popular, has to be their shoes. The white and black striped “Superstars” have even come to being labeled as “as basic as converse” amongst girls. Personally, I love these shoes. I have the all white Superstars and they go with everything. Not only are they versatile, but they are more comfortable and edgy-looking to me than my converse. As far as sports shoes, I am not an expert in this category. However, when it comes to trends, styles and old becoming new again, I don’t think people should label these things as “basic”. Fashion recycles and what is popular now will be popular again someday, just the same with fashion trends in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s & so on. Therefore, everyone should appreciate other’s individual style, knowing that soon that trend could be sneaking it’s way back around the corner.


One thought on “Adidas

  1. I didn’t notice how popular the adidas trend was either until this past Greek Week. I do not own a pair, but I have definitely noticed them on my friends & even people I don’t know around campus. I think they’re a really cool shoe and you can incorporate them into really any style. It’s funny because I had the rainbow striped pair when I was little, so when this trend came back I couldn’t help but laugh and say no way… but looks like they really did make a comeback!


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