Finishing up one of my new favorite shows, Nashville, this past weekend inspired me to speak up about this underrated show. Nashville is a show about the city of Nashville, Tennessee and how the lives of musicians are changed there. My favorite part about this show is that it isn’t just acting– it features musicians as well. The best two, in my opinion, are sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella. This dynamic duo plays the roles of sisters Maddie and Daphne Conrad, the daughters of the main character and queen of country music, Rayna James (played by Connie Britton). These sisters have been singing together, in real life and in the show, since they could remember. They have the most raw and pure talent I have seen in a very long time. Their fame first started on youtube where they shocked the world with their natural look and fresh sound. When they first started posting videos on youtube Lennon, the oldest, was only 10 years old and Maisy, the younger of the two, was only 6. It is unbelievable that Lennon could even hold a guitar and understand how to play at ten years old, let alone sound amazing and sing at the same time. These girls are a breath of fresh air and it was truly so incredible to watch them grow through the show Nashville. If you haven’t heard of them before their youtube channel is lennonandmaisy and I’ll leave a link below (it’s an older video, but it’s absolutely adorable & definitely my favorite, where Lennon is 14 and Maisy is 10). You can catch the whole 5 season series of Nashville on Hulu.


source for picture- https://twitter.com/lennonandmaisy



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