I was trying to think of a creative subject to write about this week when I looked down and saw my green velvet scrunchy wrapped around my wrist. I think its time someone address this new trend. Scrunchies were very big in the 80-90’s along with leg warmers, denim, and neon everything. The big hair trend was accompanied by these soft, bright colored, fabric wrapped hair ties. I remember having sparkly pink and purple ones when I was little. Now, scrunchies are making a comeback and I am more than happy about it. I think scrunchies are so cool because they complete a need (putting your hair up) while making it cute and fashionable. Now that scrunchies are back, they have so many new & cute designs, materials, etc. The picture above is a pack I have from Urban Outfitters. They are velvet and dark, rich colors. I love them so much and have had them for about a year now and they still accompany every outfit I have. Urban Outfitters also has some patterned and plain ones that I have as well. If I don’t use them to put my hair up, I just put them on my wrist and it still looks super cute! There are elaborate ones that are a little more expensive (like the ones in the picture) but there are also plain ones that you can get from Walmart that work just fine too. I still get mixed opinions from my friends and family about them, but I’ve never been one to let a little criticism get in the way of what I like, want, and wear.

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3 thoughts on “Scrunchies

  1. I enjoyed reading your post! I have recently noticed that scrunchies have been making a comeback. I use to wear scrunchies all the time, especially when I did gymnastics and dance. Then, I switched to traditional elastic hair-ties. However, many of mine do not last long because I have thick hair that makes the elastic worn out. I am happy that scrunchies are becoming a trendy item again!


  2. I love this post. Mostly because I love my scrunchies. I get a lot of judgment about them, which is surprising because I feel like they are such a huge, recent trend. My parents think it’s hilarious I wear scrunchies. To be honest, I don’t even think too much about it. I throw it up in my hair when I need too and not even realize that scrunchies were not a thing anymore. I love them and they are so nice on my hair because it does not damage. I hope the scrunchie trend lasts for awhile.


  3. I use to wear scrunchies all the time when I was younger. That is all I owned honestly. I am not sure if I will be wearing them again anytime soon. If it did I would probably use it for a big bun on top of my head! I think its awesome if you want to wear them though. Rock the scrunchies!!


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