This is Us

A few hours ago I finished the first and only season of This is Us on Hulu. It only took me about a week to finish it, mainly because it is all I have been doing in my free time. I remember seeing the commercials for this show when it first came out and I was super interested to watch, but I always seemed to miss it when it came on TV. The show drew a ton of media attention and it was rightfully so. I haven’t liked a “family-oriented” television show this much in a while. My interests are geared more towards crime and drama shows like How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal. What I loved most about This is Us is that it was just enough uncommon drama and just enough authenticity for it to be relatable. The show features a family both in the past and the present. The couple was supposed to have triplets but one of the babies died during birth. That same day, a newborn was brought to a fire station and they brought him to the hospital. The family adopted the orphan and created an amazing life for the twins: Kevin (a white male who grows up to be an actor) and Kate (who grows up to be an overly obese woman), as well as their adopted African American brother , Randall. The show follows all three of their lives as well as peeks into the past and how their childhood unfolded. I love this show mainly because of the dad’s character, Jack. He is such a great person and role model and it’s what brings every character and member of the family together. Jack reminds me of my dad in this way, because he is always putting his family first. The only complaint I have is that I don’t have anything else to watch now. I absolutely love This is Us & recommend it to anyone that lives for the shows that make you laugh and cry all in one episode.


One thought on “This is Us

  1. I am currently looking to start a new show and I am so glad that I reviewed your blog! This show sounds amazing! It will for sure be one of those shows that I can’t stop watching and fly through it in a matter of days. I like the way that you told us some of the back ground and some important stuff about the characters but didn’t give away too much information to ruin the show. It was so sweet of you to relate the character Jack to your dad! Can’t wait to start this show! thanks!


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