BlackTap Milkshakes — NYC

Have you ever gone on Facebook to do a small task such as like a picture, make a birthday post, etc. but find yourself watching video after video for multiple hours, ranging from cooking a delicious looking meal to a woman painting her face to look like a Minion? Same. This is how I came across one of New York City’s (now social media famous) restaurants, BlackTap. I was in the city over Christmas break and I was excited to visit some new places that I haven’t seen on my previous NYC vacations before. I had seen a video of someone making one of BlackTap’s famous monstrous milkshakes on Facebook and I was determined to get my hands on one. So, there we were, waiting in a massive line outside in the 20 degree NYC weather. Once we finally got into the restaurant the shake I decided to order was rimmed with chocolate frosting with mini m&m’s stuck to it, had a sugar daddy & two pretzel rods sticking out of the top, as well as a full sized chocolate covered pretzel perched on a mountain of whipped cream that was dowsed in chocolate syrup and Reese’s cups. These goodies were all atop a delicious salted caramel shake. This new trend of milkshakes makes me laugh, actually. The design idea is pretty stupid because you can’t possibly get each one of the elements of this shake into one “bite”. I could not eat every single thing on that milkshake, especially at once. It looked almost nothing like the picture above when I was done with it. This milkshake, and BlackTap’s adorable restaurant in general, was one of my favorite parts of my trip. This might sound like my vacation was pretty uneventful, but it was just that good. I’d give the shake 10/10 and the experience a 9/10 (mainly because I had to catch hypothermia to even get into the door). Also, I felt some sort of achievement for going to one of these “exotic” & “famous” places seen all over my Facebook feed. Overall, I’d say that while these milkshakes are ridiculously large and expensive, they are totally worth it. There’s so many new things, ideas, products, etc. that are emerging in our popular culture and are captured by Social Media and we should go out and experience it, dang it!


3 thoughts on “BlackTap Milkshakes — NYC

  1. This post just made me incredibly jealous and so ridiculously hungry! I would absolutely agree with your statement that these places we see on social media are real and we need to actually experience them. There’s a reason why these places are so famous and blow up the internet. They are unique because their ideas are 100% out there and a little absurd, as you mentioned earlier. Though the popularity of these places does have the negative side of having to wait in crazy long lines, but in the end it’s so worth it. You wouldn’t be able to experience that milkshake anywhere else, especially if you’re very into good milkshakes. But that’s what makes life so much more fun and interesting! You can now tell people you stood in a ridiculous long line to experience one of the best milkshakes you probably will ever have! I’d say worth it…


  2. wow… I’m not much of an ice cream eater but I love milkshakes! Also I have always wanted to go to NYC so if/when I ever go there I will definitely give that place a try!! BUT I would try and go when it’s warm so that I don’t freeze to death waiting for it XD.
    I too get caught up in all the food video’s on Facebook and I don’t think I saw this one yet ( I’m sure I will soon though). Those video’s are worth it though because you do learn about new places and food that you have never even heard of, just like this.


  3. Even after visiting NYC countless times while growing up, there are so many places that I still have no idea existed. It’s amazing to see how much influence social media and the internet has in todays age. There are so many unique and interesting places across the country, and social media has helped to bring these places to light. I really like the concept of how they make their milkshakes, and the one in your photo looks extremely appetizing. This is one place I definitely want to check out next time I am there.


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