Cleopatra–The Lumineers

In early 2016, The Lumineers started off the new year with a new, different tone by dropping an album called “Cleopatra”. Whenever I listen to new albums I typically pick three or four songs and become instantly obsessed with them, playing them over and over and over. Because of the attention they got, my picks were “Cleopatra”, “Ophelia”, and “Sleep On The Floor”. I later realized that these are probably considered the three most basic songs in the whole album– but at least I’m admitting it. Soon after, I realized that the whole entire album is pure gold, beauty, talent, and every other word you would use to describe one of your favorite things. One of my all time favorites is “Gun Song”. This song is primarily about how lead singer, Wesley Schultz, relates to his late father. He talks about how he’s never owned a gun, his admire of love, and how he discovered a gun in his father’s sock drawer. I love this song because it left me confused, but intrigued. The pure beauty of The Lumineers music is that I can’t ever figure out exactly what they are talking about so I just define their lyrics as whatever appeals to me. The Lumineers have always had a distinct sound. Their most well-known hits “Ho Hey” and “Stubborn Love” definitely give off that “Lumieers vibe” in my opinion. However, this album is different. It still has that distinct sound but with a new element, component, or twist. “Cleopatra” has a calmer, gloomier, and more mellow tone. Maybe it’s because I am in a new place, with new people, and my life has gone through extreme changes lately, but I am absolutely in love with the tone of this album. It’s soft and happy and sad and speaks volume all at the same time. You can take this music exactly how it is (complicated, intriguing, illuminating), or you can make it your own. If you want the lyrics to be joyful, they can be. If you prefer them to be pessimistic, they can appeal to that as well. It is perfect for any occasion, between riding around Wrightsville Beach with your windows down, or taking a good ole nap in the dreary University Suites. I relate to it more than I have to anything else I’ve listened to lately. It has re-sparked my love for finding music that I can listen to no matter what mood I’m in, what I’m doing, or what I’m feeling, and I feel like this is a great quality for music to have.

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2 thoughts on “Cleopatra–The Lumineers

  1. I know how you feel about these songs, specifically “Ophelia”. I was always listening to it too. Also, I agree and enjoy the fact that “Cleopatra” can be listened at anytime, regardless of the mood. I love listening to songs like that, it reminds of TWENTY ØNE PILØTS because their songs can be heard no matter the situation and the meaning of their songs are up to you if it is happy or sad.


  2. It was intriguing to see how a pop culture artist brought back something so far removed from popular culture, in Cleopatra , and brought it back to be relevant in today’s society.


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